Bridge Classes

NO TRUMP IS TOP DOG with Maritha Pottenger

No trump games are highly valued because they are the cheapest game in town—9 tricks is all you need. This class will explore tools for getting to no trump games, and revisit important principles of Declarer play so you can make your contracts. Classes will be from 10:05 am to 12 Noon at the Soledad Club. The series will be 9 weeks and last from July 24 through September 18. The fee will be $135 for the series or $20 per individual class. Please preregister ( or 619 563-5140) so I know how many duplicate boards to make for each class.

July 24: When No Trump Bidding is Pure Arithmetic and End Plays in No Trump

With balanced hand, no trump bidding is just adding points and making the correct call. End Plays work just as well in no trump as in suit contracts, even though you are missing the ruff-and-sluff option.

July 31: When to Consider a No Trump Game even with a Major Fit

Sometimes the 9-trick game really is better than the 10-trick game. Clues to help you decide.

August 7: Finding Stoppers for No Trump when You and Your Partner Have a Minor Fit

Learn how to show (and deny) stoppers when looking for that 9-trick game. Settle for 11-trick game only when you have no choice.

August 14: Coping with Interference over Your No Trump

You and your partner(s) need firm understandings about what means what when those pesky opponents leap into your auctions.

August 21: “Source of Tricks” No Trump Bids

The Western Cue Bid over Weak Twos; the Gambling 3NT Bid, and other auctions encourage you to just bid 3NT when you have a “source of tricks” (6, 7 or 8 card) suit, and stoppers or semi-stoppers in other suits.

August 28: No Trump Overcalls Can Also be by Responder

Remember that when partner opens; RHO overcalls, and you bid 1NT, you guarantee a stopper and 8-10 (or a bad 11) HCP. You also deny having a better bid (e.g., a raise, a negative double, etc.).

September 4 (unless majority of class votes to SKIP this week and add a week at the end of series): Differentiating between Gerber, Roman Key Card Gerber, Blackwood, Key Card Blackwood, and Quantitative Raises.

It is important to be able to use (regular) Gerber in some circumstances, and Roman Key Card Gerber in others. Ditto with Blackwood, Roman Key Card Blackwood, and Quantitative raises of partner's No Trump opening or rebid.

Septemher 11: Revisiting the Dangerous Hand.

Proper avoidance technique is essential for some contracts.

September 18: Combining Chances

Two chances are better than one, and three are better than two. For best Declarer play, make a Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C (if possible)--BEFORE playing to trick one.