Bridge Classes


Defense is 50% of your game. (You play the hand about ¼ of the time and are Dummy about ¼ of the time.) So, the fastest way to see a big improvement in your game is to sharpen your defensive skills. This series will cover the fundamentals of defense: signaling, leads, counting tricks, counting high card points, counting distribution, discarding, and analyzing dummy types. The 10 week-course will be $140 for the series or $20 per individual class. Please pre-register ( so I know how many boards to make up for each class. Classes will be 10:05 am to Noon at Soledad Club (5050 Soledad Road in La Jolla). If you have questions, feel free to email me or call (619) 563-5140.

The series will last from May 8 through July 17 (with a week off for vacation in late June).

May 8: Killing Leads Against No Trump Contracts: Fourth-Best is NOT Always Your Best Choice

May 15: Standout Leads Against Suit Contracts

May 22: Give Me Attitude (Signals) and the Principle of False Encouragement

May 29: Count, Count, Count—All the Times You Need to Know How Many Cards Partner has in One or More Suits

June 5: Suit Preference—Where It Comes in the Hierarchy of Signaling & How It Works

June 12: Count Declarer's Tricks—The Alpha and Omega of Making Defensive Book

June 19: NO CLASS—Maritha on Marc on Vacation

June 26: Different Dummy Types—Identify Where Declarer is Seeking Tricks in order to Foil His/Her Plans

July 3: Count High Card Points (to Estimate Your Partner's Assets & Better Plan Your Defense)

July 10: Count Distribution (HINT—Start by Paying Attention to the Bidding!)

July 17: Discards---Keeping the RIGHT Card(s) to Set the Contract